Introduction to Miyako Plus Card

The Miyako Plus Card, the membership card of Miyako Hotels & Resorts offer special benefits and rewards for its members at Miyako Hotels & Resorts nationwide.
Enrollment in The Miyako Plus card is free of charge and the members are rewarded with free stays, dining offers and discounts etc.
When visiting any of the hotels, look for the MIYAKO PLUS CARD mark and show your card before payments.The “Miyako Plus Card Accepted” mark is displayed in restaurants and bars where the card can be used.

・Members could earn 10 points for every 110 yen spend for hotel stays, restaurants and bars.
・Accumulated points can be used for hotel stays, dining etc.
・Enrollment is free.
・Validity of the card remains for 2 years from the last date of use.
※This card is not a credit card.
※Points will be awarded only at the paying cashiers of the hotels patronized. Please note that we are unable to accept requests for points for payments made in the past at the hotels.
※Please note the membership card will be sent only to addresses in Japan.Membership card will not be sent to addresses outside Japan.
※If you would like to get a Miyako Plus Card immediately, we recommend to registrate it at any MHR Hotel.
※Benefits will be applied only to the reservations made directly at MHR call center or at the hotel.
※Rooms reserved through travel agents or other websites are not eligible to earn points.

Member’s Menu
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Special Plans
・Added points for stays, meals, and hotel weddings.
・Saved points can be used for hotel accommodation, dining and for hotel gift checks.
・Special stay plans are available for Miyako Plus members.
・Smooth, seamless check-ins
・Bonus Points
If you have accumulated more than 110,000yen in a year (April 1st to March 31st) you will earn additional 20% bonus points in the following year.
Special plan catalogue

Questions on Member’s Card
Give us a call here first.
Questions via email outside operating hours will be replied to after the next operating day.
If you need to contact us right away, please call us directly at the respective hotels.
Hotel List of Miyako Hotels & Resorts

Miyako Plus customer’s desk
TEL : 0120-077-385 (Inside Japan Only)
Operatinghours : 9:00 – 18:00 (Weekends, holidays, New Year’s excepted)
Contact by Internet