New Plus Member Registration

Miyako Plus Membership Agreement

1. Name of the organization

This membership organization is called the “Miyako Plus” and is operated by Kintetsu Miyako Hotels Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) that manages Miyako Hotels & Resorts (hereinafter referred to as “MHR”).

2. Enrollment and Membership

(1) Enrollment
There is no enrollment fee or annual membership fee. Either you can register on the MHR website or the MHR smartphone application (hereinafter referred to as “the member application”) or apply for enrollment by filling out the “Enrollment Application Form” at the reception of an MHR hotel after agreeing to the present agreement. In either case, you will be enrolled (you will acquire membership) when the Company approves your enrollment and you are correctly registered in the membership system operated by the Company.
(2) Membership
i        Both the membership card and member application can only be used by the member and cannot be transferred or loaned to others. (Not allowed for corporations)
ii       The Company shall be able to cancel the membership without prior notice or notification if the member does not comply with the present agreement or if any impropriety is found in the member.
(3) Issuance of membership card
i.        The Company shall issue a Miyako Plus Membership Card only in the following cases.
1.      When you fill out the “Enrollment Application Form” at the reception of an MHR hotel
2.      When you are approved by the Company
ii.      Membership cards shall not be issued to members who have completed the enrollment procedure on the member application except the case that the Company approves. 

3. Membership benefits and services

Each MHR facility will render benefits and services provided separately according to the amount of money used or the stay record. The latest information on benefits and services will be posted on the MHR website.

4. Point system

(1) Addition of points
i        When your membership card or member application is submitted at the time of payment after the stay and use of a restaurant/a bar at an MHR facility, 10 points will be added for every 100 yen (excluding tax) used. No points will be added without its submission.
ii       Points will be eligible for members who have settled bills at an MHR facility in cash or with credit card (including a gift card issued by a credit company), or other payment method approved by MHR.
iii     When staying at an MHR hotel, the room and service charges for the member who made reservation directly at an MHR facility, through the MHR reservation center or on the MHR website will be eligible for points. In addition, the payment of a maximum of 5 rooms per day for each Miyako Plus member will be eligible for points.
iv      When using a restaurant/bar, food and drink charges and service charges will be eligible for points. In addition, one payment of a maximum of 10 people for each Miyako Plus member will be eligible for points.
v       Regardless of the items iii and iv, some products such as an event are not eligible for points. In addition, you will not be eligible for points if you make a reservation via a travel agency or another company’s website.
vi      When an MHR facility is used for a wedding ceremony, there may be the cases eligible for points. You may contact an MHR facility for details. (Use of an MHR facility for banquet will not be eligible for points.)
vii    If you have acquired points, you will be informed on the spot of the points acquired on the day and the accumulated points.
viii   You may see the information booklet and the Miyako Plus member page (hereinafter referred to as the “member page”) on the MHR website, for facilities available.
ix      You will be eligible for points from the settlement of a bill after your enrollment.
x       Some purchases on the MHR online shop are eligible for points. You may check the online shop website for details. Purchases only by members are eligible for points.
xi      The number of points to be added at participating facilities outside Japan will be calculated at the rate set by the Company. Please check at each hotel for details.(2) Use of points
i        If you wish to use points for payment, one point can be redeemed for one yen. Once points are used for payment, they cannot be cancelled.
ii       Points can be used for payment only at the cashier of the facility. They cannot be used in case of prepayment due to web reservation, etc.
iii     When using points at participating facilities outside Japan, the number of points used will be calculated at the rate set by MHR. Please check with each hotel for details.
(3) Prohibition of transfer of points, etc.
i        Members are prohibited from allowing a third party to use points, or lending or transferring them to him/her, or pledging them as collateral unless approved by the Company.
ii       Even if a member has multiple membership cards or member applications for some reason, as a general rule, he/she is not allowed to put points together into one card or one application
iii     Members are not allowed to redeem points in cash.
(4) Expiration of points
i        If no point has been added or used for 2 years from the month of the previous use, the earned points will expire automatically. In addition, an expiration date may be set separately for each point.
ii       All points will expire when the membership is withdrawn or cancelled.
iii     Expired points cannot be reinstated. 

5. Change of notified matters

If there is a change in the notified matters, such as your address, name (last name), phone number, etc., please be sure to contact the Miyako Plus Customer Desk. You can also change them yourself on the Miyako Plus Member website and member application. If notification of a change is not made, no information will be sent to you. When you make a change, we may request your identity verification.

6. Management of membership card and password

(1) Management of Miyako Plus Membership Card
All members are requested to take good care of the Miyako Plus Membership Card. If the card is lost, it will be re-issued (for payment of 500 yen including consumption tax). Please contact the reception of the nearest MHR hotel for reissuance. MHR shall bear no responsibility in the event that a member suffers damages due to the loss or theft thereof.
(2) Management of password
It is the member’s responsibility to set, change, and manage the password on the member’s page and member application. MHR shall bear no responsibility for any damage caused to the member due to leakage, etc. 

7. Cancellation of membership

(1) If a member wishes to cancel its membership, he/she can withdraw from this program by following the prescribed procedure.
(2) If a member dies, his/her membership will be canceled by receiving a notification from his/her family or relative.
(3) MHR shall be able to cancel the membership of any member who has not used the membership or earned the points for three consecutive years after enrollment. 

8. Personal information (hereinafter referred to as “handling of personal information”)

The Company shall handle the personal information of members appropriately in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” defined separately. *If you are unable to browse the website, please contact the Miyako Plus Customer Desk.
(1) Purpose of use of personal information
Personal information will be used for the purpose of providing services for Miyako Plus members and providing information related thereto. Provided, however, that if a member wishes the suspension of the provision of the service, MHR shall suspend the service to the extent that its business operations are not disrupted. Therefore, even if this service is not required, information will be provided when MHR deems it important to do so. Incidentally, cards, direct mails, etc., will not be sent outside Japan. 

9. Changes to the agreement and services

(1) This agreement, products eligible for points and benefits as well as the details on the use of points may be changed without prior notice. All members are asked to check the MHR website for the latest agreement, products eligible for points and benefits as well as the details on the use of points.
(2) When the agreement, products eligible for points and benefits as well as the details on the use of points are changed, the change shall be posted on the MHR website at least one month before the date of the change, and the change of the agreement, etc., shall be effective as from the twelve midnight of the date of the change.
(3) MHR and Kintetsu Miyako Hotels Co., Ltd shall bear no responsibility for any damage caused to members due to the preceding paragraph. 

10. Termination of the Miyako Plus

(1) If the services of the Miyako Plus are terminated entirely, notification will be given at least 6 months before. The use of benefits and points will be also terminated together with the termination of the services.
(2) MHR and the Company shall bear no responsibility for any damage caused to members due to the preceding paragraph. 

11. Disclaimer

The provision of all or part of the services based on this agreement may be interrupted or suspended due to system failures caused by fire, power outage, natural disaster such as earthquake or any other cause, system maintenance or any other operational failures. In this event, the Company shall bear no responsibility for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the member or a third party regardless of the reason.

12. Governing law and agreed jurisdiction

The Miyako Plus and this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan and the Osaka District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first instance for all disputes related thereto.

13. Others

(1) The points in this program cannot be used in combination with points of the point program of other companies.
(2) Benefits, services, and information may be provided only to specific members, depending on the difference in the use, residential areas, campaign applications, etc.