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Business operator
Kintetsu Miyako Hotels International, Inc.

Site name


CEO Takashi Nishimura

6-1-55, Uehonmachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, 543-0001, Japan

Depends on the accommodation plan (Please refer to respective accommodation plan for details)
*Rates include service charge and consumption tax.

Payment method
– Payment at the front desk: cash or credit card (For gift certificates and others, please ask us)
– Payment in advance by credit card: One time payment with on-line booking completion
(Invoicing of the credit card company will be based on the date of departure)

Hand over date
(Booking completion date)
When you make reservation through this website, your booking is complete when the message of booking completion appears on your screen.
When you are paying in advance by credit card, your booking is complete when the credit settlement is completed.

Due to the characteristics of the products and services we offer, refund is not available after stay.

Cancellation fees
– Cancellations on the day before arrival: 20% of the accommodation fees
– Cancellations on the day of arrival: 80% of the accommodation fees
– No-show: 100% of the accommodation fees
*These conditions are subject to change depending on the accommodation plan. Please refer to the page describing the details of the accommodation plans.

Miyako Hotels & Resorts Reservation Center
TEL: 0120-333-001