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Facilities & Services

Ample facilities

We offer ample facilities, including a fitness gym, a business center, club floors, and the club lounge which is available exclusively to guests staying in Club Rooms.

Club Lounge

The Club Lounge is available exclusively to guests staying in Club Rooms.

We offer various services including breakfast, afternoon tea and cocktail time to suit your needs.


Hotel-made cakes and desserts plus an exclusive selection of quality products

We offer hotel-made cakes and desserts and a range of carefully selected items.

Fitness Gym

Work out the stress of the day

We offer guests free use of our training gym on the 38th floor. You can see the streets of Osaka below your eyes. Why not work out and refresh your body and soul, enjoying the view of Osaka Bay and the night view of Osaka?

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Business Center

We provide all the equipment you need to conduct business during your stay.

Opening hours: 24 hours
Services offered: Use of PCs, printers, copiers and faxes (coin operated)

HARUKAS 300(Observatory)

A surprising and healing space, "HARUKAS300"

"HARUKAS300" is an observatory in ABENO HARUKAS, Japan's highest building of 300 m, and has a three-story atrium structure consisting of the 58th, the 59th, and the 60th floors.

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Kintetsu Department Store

A commercial complex where you can find plenty of cakes and desserts and gifts, to say nothing of trend- setting fashion items. Don't fail to visit the restaurant floors where you can enjoy "the cuisine from all over the world."

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"Urban art museum" that makes various arts and cultures more easily accessible

Urban art museum that mainly holds exhibitions We hold a wide and varied range of exhibitions of Western art and modern art as well as Japanese art.

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Café on the 17th floor of "ABENO HARUKAS"

We offer authentic Italian espresso based drinks with the concept of "Real Espresso and Cappuccino."


Convenience store on the 17th floor of "ABENO HARUKAS"

We provide products and services to suit your lifestyle. This store is "more than just a convenience store." It brings comfort, palatability and pleasure into your everyday life.

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