Facilities & Services

The hotel has ample facilities including “MIYAKO Avenue,” in which you can find Kyoto souvenirs, clothing and accessories, and convenience store items, a “Business Center,” “Cloak,” and a parcel delivery service and vending machine corner.

Parking Lot

Guests traveling by car

We offer special parking discounts to hotel guests and customers using banquet halls or restaurants.
Capacity: 93
Ceiling height:
2.3 m
Fees: 350 JPY per 30 minutes

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Business Center

Providing essential business support to our customers

Business Center provides computers with Internet access to hotel guests for a small fee.
Several different languages are available
for the convenience of non-Japanese-speaking guests.
Open hours: 6:30~0:00
Location: Main Building 1F
Internet: 100 JPY per 10 min.
* The fees include tax.

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Our concierge team will provide support to you in various ways, including offering tourist information, selling one-day bus passes and arranging taxis.
Location: Main Building 1F

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Delivery Service

Parcel delivery service helps you travel light

The special counter for parcel delivery service is open from 7:30 to 12:00.
We use Japan Post'
s Yu-Pack delivery service.
Open hours: 7:30~20:00
Location: Main Building 1F Cloak

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Baggage storage before check-in and after check-out

We offer baggage storage services to hotel guests both before check-in and after check-out. Rental umbrellas are also available at the cloakroom counter.
Location:Main Building 1F

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Vending Machine Corner

Offering a variety of drinks and refreshments
Location:South Wing 1F
Mineral water, green tea, juice, coffee, black tea,
milk, etc.
Beer, low-malt beer, chuhai (fruit-flavored vodka with soda), sake, whiskey, shochu, etc.
Ice cream, snack packs, cup noodles, yakisoba noodles, fried rice, rice balls, octopus dumplings, taiyaki (fish-shaped cakes filled with red bean paste), French fries, etc.
* Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are also sold on each guest floor. An ice cube machine is also available on each guest floor to provide ice cubes free of charge

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Souvenir Shop & Convenience Store “Kyoto Craft Mart”

A shopping mall with a unique Kyoto atmosphere

The shopping mall has an array of shops selling traditional Kyoto gifts including Kyoto confectionery, pickles, tea leaves, kimonos, Japanese fans, small articles made of kimono fabric, ornamental hairpins, ceramics, and incense. You will also find a range of refreshments and convenience goods such as rice balls, boxed lunches, bread, sweets, alcohol, newspapers, magazines, toothbrushes, and hairspray.
Open hours: 7:00~23:00
Location: Main Building B1F, inside "Miyako Avenue"
TEL: +81-75-671-8528

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Boutique “Morohoshi”

A boutique with a unique Kyoto ambiance offering a variety of everyday items and clothing made of old Japanese fabrics

Morohoshi offers a wide selection of clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories.
Open hours: 11:30~20:30
Closed: Thursday

Location: Main Building B1F, inside "Miyako Avenue"
TEL: +81-75-671-5671

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Antique watch store “Ruchi-Klu

One-of-a-kind items that are sure to please

Ruchi-Klu offers a range of select antique watches and accessories.
Open hours: 11:30~20:30
Closed: Thursdays,
2nd,and 3rd Wednesdays
Location: Main Building B1F, inside "Miyako Avenue"
TEL: +81-75-661-3578

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Beauty Salon “Wakahayashi”

Dedicated to delivering satisfaction and joy to our customers

We offer not only haircuts and shampooing, but also hair styling, dressing, and nail art.
Open hours: 9:00~
Closed: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
Location: Main Building B1F, inside "Miyako Avenue"
TEL: +81-75-661-7111 (Hotel main line)

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