Facilities & Services

Fitness Club AnkINI

Calm fitness space for adults

The fitness club on the 3rd floor is a relaxation space available for a swimming pool, gym, and a sauna.
The best relaxation space of our hotel.
Stay guests can use the Fitness club as many times as they like for free.
Only available to those over the age of 18.

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Souvenir Shop

Best place to buy souvenirs from Gifu

Our souvenir shop is located on the 1ST floor.
We are preparing not only souvenirs from Gifu but also
handcrafts, accessories and clothing for you.
We will help you to make wonderful memories of your trip in Gifu with our products.

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Co-working space aragan

This coworking space has large windows overlooking the Nagara River and Mt. Kinka. (Advance reservations are required to use the space, and usage fees are also required.)

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