Shima Kanko Hotel offers various activities.

Enjoy the nature of Shima, Japanese cultural experience, and traditional craft by Mie.
Please inquire for details, dates and times,entry fee of activities.
※General rules, the activity guide is in Japanese.
※Please contact us in advance if you require interpreter staff.
※There will be a cancellation fee for some activities.
※These contents are subject to change without notice.

Lounge Cruise Shima

Private Cruise around Ago Bay.

You’ll experience one of the lounge atmosphere right here on the cruise.

Hotel Tour

A tour around the hotel.

Hotel staff guide you around the hotel to see the hotel’s history, the venue for the Ise-Shima Summit, and Noasobi, a masterpiece by painter Fujita Tsuguharu.

Stargazing event

The "star sommeliers" will guide you through the night skies of Kashikojima.

Soak in the Kashikojima night sky with new friends after dinner. “Star sommeliers” will make sure you don’t miss anything.

Yoga for relaxation

Relax time in the morning.

Anybody regardless of age, gender or skill can join as the instructors will guide you.

The Club Music

Jazz Quartet/Classical Guitar/Jazz Singer/Japanese

Live musical performances are held on certain days.

Senchadou Experience

The world of green tea is amazing, when you drink it.

You can experience the taste of green teas.

Monko (Listening to Incense) Experience

Enjoy the Japanese traditionally beloved fragrance.

Try testing the different types of incense or making your own scented sachet.

Tea Ceremony

Tea ceremony experience

Experience tea ceremony in tea ceremony room “GUAN”

Yokkaichi Banko-yaki painting Experience

Enjoy painting a piece of pottery.

You can paint a sake cup, a pendant or a chopstick rest.

Ise Netsuke

Japanese traditional button-like fixture.

Make Netsuke by carving and polishing a piece of boxwood from Ise.

Ise Ittobori

Carving technique originated by shrine carpenters.

Make an ornament by traditional carving technique.


Japanese traditional coating material.

Enjoy painting a flower vase or a key chain with Urushi, Japanese traditional coating material.

Ise Katagami

Japanese traditional dyeing stencil.

Carve Japanese paper and dye a notebook or a postcard with it.

Ise Hinoki Cypress

Wooden Spoon

Make an osaji, a spoon by carving and rounding a piece of Ise hinoki.

Owase Hinoki Cypress

Biscuit Necklace & Pearl Keychain

Make your own necklace or keychain with various pieces of cypress wood.

Sea Kayak

Sea kayak tour from hotel

One hour of guided sea kayaking around Ago Bay with instructors.

Ago Bay Fishing

Sillago, red snapper, wrasse, horse mackerel, scorpion fish, etc.

Ferrymen who know everything Ago Bay will guide you.

Rental Cycles

Enjoy Cycling in Shima.

We rent out bikes at the front desk.


Visit a Bonito Smokehouse

Learn about the natural environment of Shima through nakiribushi, smoked bonito.

Amo Gova Experience

Fresh seafood at ama hut

Enjoy fresh seafood around Ise-Shima while listening to ama divers’ stories about fishing.

Dive with Ama (Open only in summer)

Diving with Ama, female divers.

Experience diving and fishing the old-fashioned way with authentic ama divers.

Pearl Extraction Experience

Pearl extraction experience at pearl workshop.

Pull a pearl from a pearl oyster.

Guided Bike Tours

Bike tour with the guide

Bike through the nature-rich areas around Shima City.