Miyako Plus Card Plus Card Points

When visiting any of the hotels, please present your card before paying.

■This card is not a credit card.
■Cards shown after payment do not qualify for points.
■Please be careful not to lose your card.

Accumulated points can be changed to the following.
■2,000 points
1,000 yen off your bill
■4,000 points
2,000 yen off your bill
■6,000 points
3,000 yen off your bill
■8,000 points
4,000 yen off your bill or 4,000 yen Gift Check
■15,000 points
10,000 yen off your bill or 10,000 yen Gift Check
■25,000 points
25,000 yen off your bill or 25,000 yen Gift Check
■35,000 points
40,000 yen off your bill or 40,000 yen Gift Check

※Limited to settling bills for over-the-counter transactions. Cannot be used to make advance payments such as when making reservations online.
※When points are used to cover a bill, in principle, only a single point-reward combination can be used per bill. However, as an exception, the 35,000 point-reward combination can be used up to two times for a single bill.

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■If you do not use your points once you reach the requisite point total for a gift or service, you may collect additional points to exchange for other gifts or services.
※100,000 points is the maximum number of points you may accumulate. Please redeem your points before you reach the 100,000 mark.
■Once the point total reaches the requisite amount, they can be used only once at payment. Change will not be provided. Charges exceeding the total covered by the points must be paid in cash.
■There are occasions when hotels / restaurants may not be available for reservations. Please inquire with the hotel for further information.
■There are some hotels in which you cannot use points during Golden Week or the New Year holidays.
■The details regarding the special benefits mentioned above are as of July 1, 2020.
■Details of the special benefits are subject to change without prior notice.
■For Gift Check, please contact the Miyako Plus Customer Desk.
■Please note that Marriott Bonvoy guests will only be awarded Marriott points.
■Gift Check can only be used at properties that belong to the Miyako Hotels & Resorts group. Please note that when Gift Check redeemed under this privilege are used for payment, no Miyako Plus points will be awarded and no change or balance of payment will be returned. Requests for gift check denominations will not be entertained.
■Gift Check cannot be sent to addresses outside Japan.